Review: Nacon Revolution Pro

When Sony officially announced their partnership with Razer and Nacon, I was pretty intrigued with what those third-party controller manufacturers would bring to the table.


The Razer offering appeared cheap at first look, and I really liked the first pictures of the Nacon controller, so naturally I was leaning towards the Nacon. After Razer announced their price, I was shocked. No way would I ever spend €170 on any kind of gaming controller! Sometime after that, the competitor announced the price of €110 for the Nacon and my purchase decision was clear.


Let's get to the point: The controller is surprisingly light and you have the option to make it really heavy by adding small weights on the left and right grip sides. Nacon sacrificed any wireless connection in favor of a wired, 3 m long cable in order to reduce input lag. Well, at least I am never going to have to worry about the battery again!


The face buttons are surprisingly close to each other so you can press all four of them with one thumb. The analog sticks are pretty much perfect and in comparison to the regular Dualshock 4 they feel kind of wide but very accurate. And here comes the significant difference to the Sony controller: The whole thing feels so damn tight! Your fingers barely have to move anywhere in order to press a button or issue any command. This is also true for your middle fingers which are placed below the controller right at the four additional buttons, which can be used to emulate any button you wish, or even execute macros, which can be programmed with a Windows-only (at the moment) application.


It is a pity that the driver software is currently only available for Windows, but the support promised me they are working on a Mac version. Oh, while we are on the negative aspects: You can't turn on the PS4 with this controller by pressing the home button. I have no idea if this can be fixed or if this is a security/PS4 problem, but maybe they are working on a solution, which would be nice. Also, this controller is clearly aimed at the first-person shooter audience due to the wide and customizable right stick. The directional buttons are nothing special and are clearly not made for fighting games.


Everything else about this controller is pretty much perfect. The build quality is flawless and it feels like you're definitely getting your money's worth. So, if you're looking for high-quality controller that is aimed at action/shooting games with programmable buttons and have access to a Windows machine, you can't do no wrong with the Nacon.


Four out of five stars!

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